Get Them.
Get The Energy Back.
May the Pistachio Force be with you.
Almond Noir. The elegance of black.
Simple Bliss. Great things are clear.
4 friends, nature lovers & scientists,
had the dream
to create the ultimate bar.

Because the team is on a mission:
to convince the whole world
that you can enjoy a healthy snack,
until the last bite!
SESAMIS NATURAL BARS are based on a 25 centuries old recipe,
optimized for the modern needs through innovative crafting processes.
Because things have changed since the ancient greeks, but the needs
of the human body after intense exercise are still the same…
What’s Inside?
HONEY is a rich source of rapid, absorbable energy.
It is the only sweetener used in every SESAMIS!
Simple Bliss - Sesamis - The Greek Health Bar

40% Organic honey
60% Unhulled organic white sesame
Rich in calcium, iron and vitamin E. Sesame seeds are a high biological value vegetable protein and are rich in amino acids.
It is a top-class food for children and athletes.
Almond Noir - Sesamis - The Greek Health Bar

40% Organic honey
43% Unhulled organic black sesame
17% Organic white Almond
Unhulled black sesame seeds posses all the beneficial properties of white sesame. Moreover, they are also used in oriental healing arts as a restorative. Almond is a rich source of vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and potassium.
Pistachio Force - Sesamis - The Greek Health Bar

40% Organic honey
43% Unhulled organic white sesame
17% Organic shelled pistachio
Pistachio contains valuable nutrients, antioxidants and dietary fibers.
It is also rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins.
The Way We Did It
Sesame and honey bars SESAMIS NATURAL BARS are produced
with the finest certified organic raw materials
in a way that preserves all the nutritional properties
and the supreme taste of their ingredients.
They contain unhulled sesame seeds that are
soaked in spring water over night and then
a large portion of it is ground so that
valuable ingredients are absorbed properly.
Why Are We
So Proud Of It?
SESAMIS NATURAL BARS are handmade in a bio environment;
they are pure, healthy, nutritious, filling, delicious
and wrapped in an eye catching packaging,
winner of a global Red Dot Design award.
The four guys are proud of their idea
and their partnerships as well!
When To Open
After a long walk or a nice run, after mountain biking or skiing,
after climbing or kiting or skydiving or working out at the gym.
After anything that makes you feel free but also after a stressful day at the office,
after a long commute or after your kid screams “I’m hungry and I want to eat NOW!”
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